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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

By Ali Kaya

Marketing strategy and philosophy is the biggest reason to hire a reputable and experienced agent. Marketing is what sells your home, which is the ultimate goal. Marketing is the reason you're reading this article right now. You see, when trying to sell your home the agent with the best game plan and strategy is generally the best choice. You should never settle for just good enough in regards to the value and hard work your listing agent should provide you. At the end of the day, we work for you and your home!

As I've mentioned in the past, the Realtor you hire most often has a direct correlation on if the home sells or not, and most importantly your client experience. Here's a reality that is wide known but isn't openly talked about; not every professional is the same! Not every doctor is for you, not every lawyer or contractor or teacher you meet will be as good as you expect. The same can be applied to Realtors as well. In previous articles, I've mentioned how important it is to choose the right Realtor by a number of factors. Marketing is the number one factor, alongside experience. Let's go more in depth on the differences between aggressive and passive marketing.


I've seen this far too many times from professionals where simple phone pictures are taken of the home, most times in different orientations and in bad quality. Poorly printed brochures for the open houses and casually wait for offers. It doesn't ever work and I'm appalled it happens in today's market. Giving away discounted rates in exchange for discounted work to the client, no one wins at the end of the day. Passive marketing is just that, passive.

Where is the hard work, the strategy, the persistence, and the value? The right HD photography, the best videography, the social media ads, and so much more. That's what you should be searching for in your agent when listing your home. Now that we know what passive marketing is, let's switch over to the opposite, where goals are accomplished everyday.


What I call aggressive marketing is the value and hard work that you deserve when working with me. Remember, it's not my job to list your home, it's my job to sell it. I've never had a listing of mine not sell, and my marketing philosophy is the reason why! You can check out my marketing tab on my homepage to find out more information on what I do exactly to sell your home. But to recap, I check off every box. HD photography, videography, online ads/exposure, social media ads and page partnering,, open houses, virtual marketing, print marketing, and most importantly; my own network of Realtors.

Every day the listing is active, my marketing team and I work our hardest to give you top dollar for your home. Whether you're looking to sell your Coquitlam condo, your White Rock oceanside mansion, or your Langley new build townhome; you deserve the best marketing and service. Selling your home can sometimes be a stressful time, but don't let your agent be the source of more stress. It's our job to take that burden off your shoulders and work to achieve your goals and get you started in the next chapter of your lives!

Thank you very much for checking out my website and reading my articles. I sincerely hope you got value out of this read and some useful insight that may help you in the future with your decisions. If you're looking to sell your home and have some questions, feel free to reach out to us. With the better part of a decade in experience, I will ensure your questions are answered and you feel excited to work together. I look forward to speaking with you and having the opportunity show you how we can help. Have a wonderful day!

By Ali Kaya

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