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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

By Ali Kaya

Welcome to Port Moody! Anyone looking for peace, serenity, outdoor adventures, great transit and a ton of value for money; look no further! If you've known me personally for a bit or are a current client, you know Port Moody is my favourite city in the Lower Mainland. Throughout this article, i'll inform you on why!

Before we get started, feel free to check out my other Tri City IN DEPTH articles to learn more about Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam respectively. Now, before we view PoMo's specific areas, let's view Port Moody (PoMo) as a whole. This beautiful city offers a ton of value to you as a resident and potential buyer. Transit is amazing, drive scores are incredible, you have amazing retail shopping 5 minutes away and the outdoor adventures are endless! Since you're apart of the Tri Cities, you're very centered in the Lower Mainland. This helps you get places both east and west fairly quickly. Let's start with transportation and work our way down the list.


Port Moody not only has great walk/drive scores, it also has great transit throughout the area! Within Port Moody's borders you have 2 skytrain stations which include Moody Centre and Inlet Centre. However, just 5 minutes away you have 3 more, as well as 2 more 15 minutes away. Let's list them out:

  • Inlet Centre Station (Port Moody)

  • Moody Centre Station (Port Moody)

  • Lafarge Lake Station (Coquitlam)

  • Lincoln Station (Coquitlam)

  • Central Coquitlam (Coquitlam)

  • Burquitlam Station (Coquitlam)

  • Lougheed Town Centre Station (Coquitlam)

With all this transit, it's very easy for the non driver to make it around the Lower Mainland. Aside from the skytrain, PoMo has a great municipal bus line system that you can use to travel anywhere throughout the city. Since you're right by Barnet Hwy, you can easily head down into Burnaby or Vancouver as well. With lots of development happening around our 2 stations as well as improvements in our stations; tons of younger buyers and families have recently made Port Moody home. As for the drivers, having main roads such as St. Johns St, David Ave, Clarke Rd, Ioco Rd, and Barnet Hwy really give you a ton of options. You're 5 minutes away from Lougheed Hwy where you can get onto HWY 1, or dive into Port Coquitlam 15 minutes away via David or Lougheed to go further east. Wherever you want to go, Port Moody gives you access to it!

Now let's move on down the list!


Port Moody is a very diverse city that celebrates different cultures. Being so close to Coquitlam, the diversity from both cities is definitely felt. The main ethnic groups are White/European, Asian (primarily Chinese and Korean) and Middle Eastern. However there are tons of other communities and cultures that have their influence in the area. Because of such a diverse cultural influence, expect to see tons of great food places, boutique shops, cultural businesses and much more!


Ah the outdoors, the smell of the forest and a breath of fresh air. If you're a fan of the outdoors, then PoMo is just the place for you! In fact, trails, parks, lakes, and forests are what Port Moody is known for! Most of the region is actually still covered in lush greens! The further north you go, the more adventures you have! Aside from the smaller municipal parks such as Heritage Park, Chineside Park and Hillside Park, you also have larger parks such as the famous Rocky Point Park, Inlet Park, and Pioneer Memorial Park; all of which face the Burrad Inlet! Directly across the pond, you have Shoreline Park, and Old Orchard park; which shore the Burrard Inlet from the North. If you're looking for larger trails and forests, say no more. Head up to Belcarra, Anmore, and Heritage to find all the outdoor you can handle. Going into Heritage, you have Bert Flinn Park which has 340 acres of parkland and trail you can use for mountain biking, exploring with the family, or off leash dog walking! Moving up into the villages of Belcarra and Anmore; you have Belcarra Pegional Park, Buntzen Lake Regional Park, Buntzen Lake, White Pine Beach, Sasamat Lake, Jug Island Trail as well as Bedwell Bay. Come check out the amazing outdoors!


Port Moody has always had a strong market. It's definitely a niche market, as lots of people head toward Coquitlam because of inventory. But the people looking for a home in Port Moody, are REALLY looking for a home in Port Moody. As development has skyrocketed in the last 15-20 years, young families have come into this beautiful city into condos and townhomes which eventually move up into their own detached property. As we continue to strengthen our infrastructure and community with new developments, programs, and overall betterment of the city; prices will surely continue to rise. Port Moody has always been a great investment, and now with more development underway, it'll be even better.

Now that we got a chance to look at Port Moody as a whole, let's dive into each unique area of PoMo and see what they have to offer. There are 11 distinct ares of Port Moody that we'll explore, however only 10 really apply to residents. Let's list them out.

  1. Glenayre

  2. College Park

  3. Moody Centre

  4. North Shore PoMo

  5. Barber Street

  6. Mountain Meadows

  7. Heritage Mountain

  8. Heritage Woods

  9. Ioco

  10. Belcarra

  11. Anmore

Don't worry, once you drive around Port Moody you'll be able to quickly figure out which area is which. Let's get started!


Glenayre is the second smallest area in Port Moody, and it's also the most southwest point. It borders North and Clarke Rd at the base of Burnaby Mountain making transit amazing in the area. Since you're so close to SFU, it's an area that families tend to go to with their university kids. Turn over isn't the earliest as people tend to stay in this area for many years given its convenient location. Being primarily a residential area, it offers residents great safety and a friendly feel. Burquiltlam is the nearest skytrain station and since there's tons of transit via Clark and North Rd, you're easily able to access the skytrain. Glencoe Park is the only park in the area however you're super close to Burnaby Mountain and all it's trails and viewpoints as well as only 10 minutes away from Rocky Point Park and the rest of PoMo's amenities.

College Park

Neighbouring beside Glenayre is College Park, a large residential area that borders Barnet Hwy alongside the Burrard Inlet. This gives lots of homes in the area incredible water views. Homes here are usually surrounded by green and some on sloping lots however the location and convenience definitely make this a go to place for families wanting privacy, serenity, and a good location. Being so close to Barnet Hwy, you have access to both Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby and Vancouver within 10-15 minutes, no matter if you're driving or taking the bus! SFU is nearby so this makes a great area for families with university students. While there are multiple amazing parks in the area such as Viewstreet and Westhill Park, you can easily head down to the Marina or 5 minutes into PoMo Centre for Rocky Point and Inlet Park! On top of all that, since the area has a mix of condos, townhomes, and detached properties it's a place that tons of people can call home!

Port Moody Centre

PoMo Centre is the center of Port Moody and the main retail and transit hub. There has been a ton of development in the area over the years and it's only going to continue moving forward. Moody Centre is the 3rd largest area of PoMo and features a mix of condos, townhomes, and detached properties. Over the years we've seen in influx of younger buyers as the area has amazing transit, amenities, and a phenomenal location. The 2 main retail areas are Sutterbrook Village and Newport Village however with a great drive score, you can travel east or west into any shop. Since St. John's St is the main road of the area, it connects you to Barnet Hwy going west or Lougheed going east. You have 2 skytrain stations as well as the Coquitam Station about 5 minutes away. The West Coast Express can also take you directly to Waterfront Station in Downtown Vancouver. With amazing parks like Rocky Point and Inlet Park, or Brewery Row for all your social hangout needs; this area has absolutely everything you may ever need, and it's 5 minutes out your front door.

North Shore Port Moody

Laying directly ontop of Port Moody Centre, North Shore PoMo is the dividing line between the retail and center side of Port Moody and the north mountain upscale areas. If you live in the east side of North Shore that borders Coquitlam, you have easy access to Westwood Plateau and all that North Coquitlam have to offer. However the further northwest you go expect homes to be in the 2-5 million dollar price tags. With transit running along Ioco Rd which is the main road that connects Belcarra and Anmore to the rest of Port Moody, you can expect to be connected to the city center easily. With great parks and trails such as Old Orchard Park and Shoreline Trail at the northeast end of the Burrard Inlet, as well as the Port Moody Rec Complex on Pioneer Memorial Park, you have great outdoor amenities. Townhomes and condos are a tad older in age in the area near Newport Village. However the detached properties further northwest are beginning to be torn down and built into large luxury homes with water views. Think of North Shore as the Malibu of Port Moody whereas Anmore is the Beverly Hills. Homes alongside Alderside Road, the private and waterfront street have new builds in the $4,000,000 range. However you can pickup an older home for the average detached price and renovate it tastefully! This is a beautiful area and if you have a bit more to spend, and want incredible views and a great location, look no further!

Barber Street

Barber Street sits atop North Shore just before Ioco Rd meets 1st Ave. The way I like to picture Barber Street is it's a northern extension of North Shore and includes most of the streets aside from Alderside Rd in in the northwest. It's identical to North Shore in terms of real estate and amenities where most homes are detached, some old and some new, that over look the Burrard Inlet with great views. Since it is right on Ioco Rd and directly above North Shore, you enjoy the same transit as well. Being so close to transit, retails spaces, great commuting roads, and a bevy of outdoor adventures; Barber Street is a fantastic place to live!

Mountain Meadows

Mountain Meadows is the smallest residential area of Port Moody, bordering Westwood Summit and Upper Eagle Ridge of Coquitlam. Since it is so small, you can enjoy a small community feel. Get to know your neighbours and enjoy amenities from both Coquitlam and Port Moody. Transit in the area is alright as the main road is Noons Creek Dr which takes you directly onto David Ave in the north. There's not much else to say about this small and beautiful area as there's only 11 streets however the homes are a mix or old and new with lots of tasteful renovations. Inventory in the area is always low as people here generally like to stay in the area they love! However when there is inventory, it's an easy sell!

Heritage Mountain

Welcome to Heritage Mountain! The most populated area of Port Moody alongside its neighbour Heritage Woods. This beautiful area has a ton to offer residents and buyers. From great schools, parks, outdoor spaces to transit, commuter streets, and beautiful real estate! The 2 main roads are David Ave and Heritage Mountain Blvd. Because of this, transit in the area is very nice. It's also a drivers dream as you can take either David or Heritage Mountain Blvd to either go into Coquitlam or into Moody Centre! The homes here are mostly detached however there are townhome complexes which give buyers a bit more option in their search. Some of the homes back onto a greenbelt and enjoy phenomenal views! You have a ton of outdoor space as Heritage Mountain Park and Noons Creek Park are nearby. However if you want more adventure you can drive down David near Heritage Woods Secondary to visit Bert Flinn Park (340 acres of parkland and trails) or go up East Road into Anmore to visit Buntzen Lake or Belcarra Regional Park! This area is truly special and makes for a forever home.

Heritage Woods

Heritage Woods is an extension of Heritage Mountain however a big difference in some areas is that homes are newer in Heritage Woods. Once again it is heavily populated but you still have tons of peace, quite, and serenity. Close to great schools and transit, as well as North Coquitlam; you really have everything you need here. Directly below Anmore via East Road, it's a 3 minute drive to get to Anmore and all that it offers. Head up to Buntzen Lake, or into Belcarra, or drive down David Ave 2 minutes for access to Bert Flinn Park. The area has a great mix of both detached and attached living and the townhomes are generally great in size and quality, although a bit higher in price for both categories. The area has a ton of community feel and has great calmness to it. As it is so populated, neighbours get to know each other nearby and their children go to school together! If you have a bit more to spend, and want a quality home, come here!


Ioco has a phenomenally historical influence and background. The area was a townsite for the Imperial Oil Corp (IOCO) where originally 83 homes, 2 grocery stores, 2 churches, a community hall, and tennis court were built. Nowadays, there are barely any residents and most of the buildings are heritage landmarks. This makes the area very cool to checkout as you can drive around and explore the small buildings they built and used more than 100 years ago! Another popular destination is Ioco Field and Park, where locals come to play with their dogs and socialize with their neighbours!


Ah Belcarra, the cliff side mountain top community that boasts immense views, outdoor amenities, and upscale mansions. While there is a mix of old and new homes, most of the homes in the area are surrounded by green, have large lots, and are big in interior size. Belcarra residents are either those that are wealthy or have been in their home for generations. The majority of the homes have incredible water and mountain views of either Bedwell Bay or the Indian Arm. The outdoor amenities offered here are endless as you have Belcarra Regional Park, Bedwell Bay, Sasamat Lake, Cosy Cove, Jug Island, White Pine Beach as well as Buntzen Lake 2 minutes away. Alternatively, you can head down 5 minutes to visit Bert Flinn Park as well. The areas of Belcarra and Anmore have the most amazing drives and scenery in the Lower Mainland in my opinion with the real estate and amenities to match. Transit in the area is good as a local bus goes up and down Belcarra and Anmore respectively. If you want real privacy, scenery, outdoor spaces, large upscale real estate with water views, look no further.


Lastly, my favourite area of Port Moody; Anmore. This beautiful and serene area is the largest area in PoMo by land mass. Residents here enjoy large homes on large lots surrounded by lush greenery. The majority of homes are modern and luxurious and give buyers an upscale and exclusive feel. As opposed to Belcarra, you don't have many views, except for the hilltop homes; which only have views of the mountains. However, the lots are usually flat and a lot larger than neighbouring Belcarra. Anmore has a very popular and beautiful park right outside your door; Buntzen Lake Reservoir Park. The transit is decent as a single busline takes you up and down the mountain via Ioco Rd and David Ave however 95% of the residents are drivers. Anmore is for the upscale and private home seeking buyer. The homes, surrounding area, and scenery is beautiful, as well as the amenities it offers. The nearby schools are fantastic (Heritage Woods Secondary and Anmore Elementary) and the drive scores are too. This area is definitely not for the average buyer, but it's that exclusivity and wow factor that make this location extremely popular.

Well, that's it for Port Moody. While it's not biggest city, it truly has it all! The amenities, quality of homes, and community feel you get here are top tier. If you're looking for the best bang for your buck, i'd highly recommend to put Port Moody into your search. Whether you're looking for a condo, a townhome, or a single family home, you'll be taken care of here. Each area gives you something unique, but they're all the best you can get!

Thank you very much for reading this article and visiting my website. I sincerely hope you received some value and insight reading my articles. If you're looking to buy or sell in Port Moody you can give me a call anytime. I'd love to get a coffee and talk about your plans moving forward, I'm positive we can accomplish any goal you may have. I hope to have the pleasure of speaking with you soon, have an amazing rest of your day!

By Ali Kaya

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