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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

By Ali Kaya

Welcome to Coquitlam! The largest city among the Tri Cities (Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Port Coquitlam). Coquitlam has always been a popular area in the Lower Mainland as it offers a wide variety of amenities and gives both buyers and home owners amazing value for money.

As someone who has lived in Coquitlam for 90% of my life, it's always a pleasure speaking about and informing people on what this city has to offer! I did not want to copy and paste the Wiki page and assumed a more real life and personal account of Coquitlam is something you would appreciate! Before we get into each specific area of Coquitlam and what they have to offer, let's dive into Coquitlam as a whole.


Coquitlam is truly a diverse place. Over it's history, Coquitlam has always been an accepting and open community. However in the past 10 years immigration into the Lower Mainland has been booming much like the early 90's, and a lot of people from around the world call this beautiful city home. The main ethnic groups are white, Asian (primarily Chinese and Korean), South Asian, black/African-Canadian and Middle Eastern (primarily Iranian). However there are countless groups of people that add their wonderful cultures to this city. Because of the diverse community we have, you can expect to experience great cultural businesses, restaurants, and much more!


With over 2,200 acres of green space and more than 80 municipal parks and trails; Coquitlam is an adventurer's dream! Mundy Park is the biggest park we have here and it's located in the center of the city. We have great outdoor trails and spaces such as the Coquitlam River, Ridge Park, Eagle Mountain Trail, Sawblade Trail, Crystal Falls, Minnekhada Regional Park, Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, Colony Farm, Como Lake Park, Town Centre Park/Lafarge Lake and the Coquitlam Crunch! To add to that, you're a quick drive into Port Moody where you can have even more outdoor fun in areas such as White Pine Beach, Sasamat Lake, Buntzen Lake, Rocky Point, Belcarra Regional Park, Buntzen Suspension Bridge, and so much more!


Since Coquitlam is a center point in the local region, its transportation does not disappoint! From Skytrains, major and minor buses, trains, and great highway accessibility; you really have it all! No matter where you are, you're always close to a main road or highway in Coquitlam. You have great access to New West/Burnaby/Vancouver via Brunette Avenue and Lougheed Avenue. Easy access to Highway 1 and Barnet Highway takes you right into the heart of SFU or further into Vancouver! With main roads such as Lougheed, David Avenue, Mariner Way, Como Lake Avenue, Austin Avenue, and Pinetree Way; you're easily able to travel throughout the city. With our transportation infrastructure, residents who don't drive can rely on amazing transit from our city's bus lines to go virtually anywhere in the city. If you're heading out of the city via transit, look no further than our many Skytrain stations!

Skytrain Station Overview

  • Lougheed Town Centre Station

  • Burquitlam Station

  • Moody Centre Station (Moody)

  • Inlet Centre Station (Moody)

  • Coquitlam Central Station

  • Lincoln Station

  • Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station

  • Braid Station (for southeast residents)


Coquitlam buyers and home owners have seen a drastic rise in home prices over the last few years as real estate in the Lower Mainland has hit a global high. Even more so here, as Coquitlam is developing at a very fast rate. Over the coming years, expect prices in Coquitlam to hit even higher as new developments, higher population, and extraordinary demand continue to rise. When Vancouver became too much, Brentwood in North Burnaby was developed. Now that Burnaby is completed, expect Coquitlam to really be a major metropolitan hub. As a buyer and investor, your money is safe in Coquitlam.

Now, let's move on with the different areas of Coquitlam and what they have to offer. Coquitlam has 23 current areas within its borders and 4 new ones on the horizon as we develop further into the Northeast section. Let's list each current area:

Coquitlam Overview

  1. Burke Mountain

  2. Park Ridge Estates

  3. Hockaday

  4. New Horizons

  5. River Springs

  6. Westwood Plateau

  7. North Coquitlam

  8. Canyon Springs

  9. Scott Creek

  10. Eagle Ridge

  11. Westwood Summit

  12. Summit View

  13. Upper Eagle Ridge

  14. Meadowbrook

  15. Ranch Park

  16. Coquitlam East

  17. Chineside

  18. Harbour Place

  19. Harbour Chines

  20. Central Coquitlam

  21. Cape Horn

  22. Maillardville

  23. Coquitlam West

Looks like a lot right? It gets pretty simple once you spend some time here don't worry! Let's go down the list and we can find out a bit more information on each area.

Burke Mountain

Burke Mountain is located north east of the city and it consists of detached homes and townhomes. Since Burke Mountain is the city's most recent development, we can expect the newest homes to be produced here. Unfortunately the map does not give Burke Mountain justice, as it is currently the biggest area in the whole city. Offering a ton of outdoor amenities, great distance to schools and a peaceful and serene community; Burke Mountain has become a hub for growing families and investors alike. The closest Skytrain is the Lafarge Lake Station located a few minutes away which can be accessed directly via bus on Coast Meridian, David, and Princeton Ave. If you're looking for a sure investment, buy in Burke Mountain!

Park Ridge Estates

Park Ridge Estates is located to the left beside Burke Mountain on the north side of Coquitlam by David Avenue and is a very small area with a small amount of homes. Similar to Burke Mountain, it offers you the peace and serenity of being surrounded by nature but still minutes away from the hustle of the city! Backing into the Coquitlam River, most homes have greenbelts in the back. Homes here are popular as lots are usually sizable and walk/drive scores are high. A quick drive away is Town Centre Park, Pinetree Secondary, Douglas College, Hockaday Creek Park, and Hyde Creek Park just to name a few. Transit in the immediate area isn't the greatest, however small bus lines and the David Avenue transit system wipes away most people's worries.


In the north east section of Coquitlam between Burke Mountain and Westwood Plateau you have the small and beautiful neighbourhood of Hockaday. Homes here are nestled within the forests of the Coquitlam River and further north homes tend to sit on very large flat lots. Hockaday is known for it's serenity as you are surrounded by green! A short drive away from North Coquitlam's city centre and walks and trails, Hockaday offers buyers a lot of value. With great schools such as Douglas College, Pinetree Secondary, Maple Creek Middle, and great transit alongside Pipeline Road and David Avenue, you're always near where you need to be. Want to be adventurous? Take a quick trip to Hockaday Creek Park, Goodyear Creek Park, or the Upper Coquitlam River Park! If you're looking for a hidden gem, you'll find it here.

New Horizons

New Horizons is a neighbourhood just below Hockaday and Burke Mountain that offer you a great small city feel just a few steps away from the big city hustle. With a great mix of detached, townhome, and condo properties this area checks off every box for young families and investors. With recent development, this area has seen an influx of young families and immigrants. You're a few steps away from Town Centre, Coquitlam Centre Mall, Glen Park, Lafarge Lake, Town Centre, West Coquitlam River Park, and The Lafarge Lake Skytrain Station, as well as a world of other amenities. I love this area as it offers so much and is relatively inexpensive compared to most areas in Coquitlam.

River Springs

Located just below Burke Mountain and to the right of New Horizons, River Springs has a lot to offer buyers and home owners. Bordering Port Coquitlam (PoCo) you have easy access to the amenities that PoCo has to offer as well. Surrounded by the Coquitlam River, many homes have peaceful and serene lots that back onto a greenbelt. Great transit within and outside of this area ensure you are well taken care of when travelling. As the main road is Shaughnessy, and David is just above you; transit is very easily accessible. Kwayhquitlum Middle, Terry Fox and Pinetree Secondary are great schools that are close to River Springs depending on which area of it you are in. As you are so close to both North Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam, you really have all your boxes checked off with a home in this area. In the summer, enjoy the Coquitlam River with your family or River Springs Park in the north side of the area!

Westwood Plateau

Easily within the top 3 most well known areas in Coquitlam alongside Maillardville and Burke Mountain; Westwood Plateau offers it's residents a combination that virtually no other area offers. Serenity, outdoor adventure, large lots with large homes, upscale living, with short trips to any amenity you may ever need! Westwood Plateau is Coquitlam's upscale mountain top neighbourhood that offers home owners so much. Take a quick trip to Westwood Plateau Village shopping plaza right on Plateau Blvd for all of your necessities, or a 5 minute drive down to Coquitlam Centre Mall and all the city center retail shopping you ever need. Want to head into Vancouver? It's a 15 minute drive to HWY 1 via Lougheed or go into neighbouring Port Moody to take Barnet Hwy. Amazing transit quickly takes you into Coquitlam's hub and easy access to your 2 nearby Skytrain stations. On top of that, being nestled in the top of the mountain; you obviously have your pick of any trail or outdoor amenity you'd like. Choose a park or trail near you, or go into PoCo or Port Moody via David Avenue to see what they have to offer your adventurous side! The schools here are great and the community is definitely one of the safest for your family. To add, most of the views are breathtaking. If you're looking to buy in Westwood Plateau, congratulations!

North Coquitlam

North Coquitlam is the metropolitan hub of Coquitlam. This is where Coquitlam Centre Mall is located alongside many concrete highrise condos. Lots of development has happened over the years to make this area a busy and bustling place. Tons of great restaurants, entertainment options, retail shopping, malls, libraries, parks, and transit make this area a dream for the big city lovers. In the last few years, concrete condos have taken over this area and there is no sign of slowing down as developments for 8 more highrises have been filed and a brand new modern community centric Coquitlam Centre Mall is planned to be built in the near future. On top of that, phenomenal transit and outdoor amenities like Lafarge Lake and Town Centre make this area highly sought after. This makes the area an investor's and young buyer's dream as your money will be in amazing hands over the next few years.

Canyon Springs

Located above North Coquitlam and below Westwood Plateau, Canyon Springs offers a ton of value to buyers. The best word to describe Canyon Springs is 'convenient'. Since it is located just above Coquitlam Centre Mall and right below David Avenue, the transit here is amazing! Alongside that, since you're so close to the retail hub of Coquitlam, you're within 5 minutes of everything you could possibly ever need! Made up of primarily detached homes, Canyon Springs gives you a less expensive option when buying a single family home in Coquitlam. Depending on the home, you may be able to buy a fully detached property for the price of a duplex or even a townhome in Burke Mountain! A short trip out your door and you're at West Walton Park and also Hoy Creek Linear Park or Hoy Creek Park to the north! Add in the phenomenal reach to amenities, transit, and great schools; Canyon Springs is an amazing place for buyers looking for a great priced home!

Scott Creek

Two words come to mind when I think of Scott Creek; 'safe' and 'homey'. Located right below Westwood Plateau between Canyon Springs and Upper Eagle Ridge, Scott Creek offers potential buyers a wealth of value. Many of the homes are larger in size, and some back onto a greenbelt. You have West Walton Park and the Coquitlam River at your disposal to the right and Scott Creek Park to the left, as well as many other trails and parks 5 minutes away from you! Easy access into North Coquitlam gives you a great mix of city and suburb living as you're just far enough away to have peace and quiet but still be close enough to head down to your nearby 2 Tim Hortons for a coffee! Great transit is offered here as well as being so close to the Lafarge Lake Skytrain Station! Within this area you have green filled streets that back into cul de sacs and curved streets for a private and safe feeling. Owners here stay for many years, far above the usual turn over rate as they have found their "forever home".

Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge is an amazing area that gives you a feeling that other areas do not. Since it's on the border of Port Moody, you have a great mix of Moody living and Coquitlam hustle. Port Moody is like the White Rock or North Vancouver of the Tri Cities; where it's laid back and friendly. Because of this, expect to really get to know your neighbours and have a ton of amenities right at your doorstep. Quickly drive or transit into Port Moody for a ton of retail shopping and outdoor amenities or into North Coquitlam. Eagle Ridge has a great mix of old and new detached properties as well as some condo living, making the prices somewhat affordable. The majority of owners stay here for quite some time as it offers them so much value and ease. The thing I love about Eagle Ridge is you're so close to absolutely everything. With Eagle Ridge Park cutting in the middle of this area that splits into the Coquitlam Crunch, you have a great place for your morning walks alongside a quick trip down the street to so many food options as well as Club 16 gym. Great schools, great transit, and a great community give this place a thumbs up across the board!

Westwood Summit

Westwood Summit is a fairly small area of Coquitlam that borders Port Moody and has less than 10 streets. Because you border Port Moody, you're able to easily enjoy what both cities have to offer. With David Avenue and Noons Creek Drive near you, it's not tough whatsoever to get access to transit. While there may not be lots to do in this small area other than the Coquitlam Crunch, since you're in the middle of Coquitlam and Port Moody; a quick drive can take you to any amenity you may need or want. You have access to both city's retail centers so being in that bordering location is a big plus to you! If you like the peace and quite of having a small community around you, Westwood Summit is for you.

Summit View

Just like Westwood Summit, which sits atop Summit View; you have a small community with less than 10 streets. Easy access to the Coquitlam Crunch gives you a great place for your morning workouts. With David being close, you have easy access to transit which can take you into Port Moody or further down or east into Coquitlam. Since you're on the border of Port Moody, you're able to enjoy their many parks and amenities like Sutter Brook Village and Newport Village shopping plazas as well as the Inlet Skytrain Station. Summit View is basically the same as Westwood Summit, so if you're looking for a small community feel, here is the place for you.

Upper Eagle Ridge

Upper Eagle Ridge sits atop Eagle Ridge as the hilltop community variant to Eagle Ridge. The main thing I love about Upper Eagle Ridge is the pleasure of living on the mountain but still being so close to Port Moody and Coquitlam's retail hub. Lots of residents here stay much longer than the average turnover as this area gives you so much peace and quite. Transit to take you into Port Moody or Coquitlam is readily available although 95% of the residents prefer to drive. As Eagle Ridge Park (Coquitlam Crunch) goes throughout the center of this area, you have direct and easy access to this great trail for your morning exercise. With a mix of renovated, newer, and older homes in this community, the prices are generally in the average for detached properties. Take one drive up and down the mountain road and you'll fall in love with Upper Eagle Ridge!


Meadowbrook is the far east border of Coquitlam below North Coquitlam heading into Port Coquitlam. This area has a mix of residential and commercial as it is right next to Lougheed Hwy which is great for commuters heading out of town everyday. With easy access to North Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and HWY 1; it really is a fantastic place to live. Although a bit busier with traffic due to it's location, the prices are generally lower than elsewhere in Coquitlam. Within 2 minutes you're in North Coquitlam where you can enjoy all the amenities it has to offer. Or a quick 5 minutes down Kingsway Ave into Downtown PoCo where you can take the Westcoast Express into Vancouver or shop at the great boutique stores. You're also 10 minutes away from Rocky Point Park and Port Moody, and a 10 minute walk to the Coquitlam Skytrain Station! Like I said, a commuters dream!

Ranch Park

Ranch Park is a large single family home area to the left of Meadowbrook, which is divided by Lougheed Hwy. It borders Port Moody so you have access to both city's amenities. This area is a family oriented community with great schools including Dr. Charles Best Secondary. With main roads that take you any where in the Lower Mainland, it's a commuter's dream much like Meadowbrook. The biggest draws of this area of the large homes situated on large lots, some of which back onto a greenbelt. Transit here is heavily developed and takes you into the 2 nearby Skytrain stations as well as into Port Moody. Mariner Way, Spuraway Ave, and Dewdney Trunk Road are the main roads that run throughout this beautiful community which can take you virtually anywhere. Head west into Como Lake Ave and this one road takes you to Coquitlam West as well as Burnaby. Or simply head down Lougheed for 10 minutes and you're on HWY 1 West or HWY 1 East. Oh, did I mention the phenomenal views of Mount Baker and Golden Ears? As well as the beautiful Pinnacle Creek Ravine and a short drive to Mundy Park; Coquitlam's largest park? This area is a must to check out if you're looking for a home in Coquitlam.

Coquitlam East

Coquitlam East is a large area in the southeast region of Coquitlam bordering the Mary Hill and Citadel area of PoCo. This region has amazing amenities, shopping, and drive scores. You have access to HWY 1 through multiple routes as well as down Mary Hill into Maple Ridge and further east. Lots of homes here are nestled on the hillside where you have great views of Mount Baker and the Port Mann Bridge. The residents here are often drivers and don't take transit as much, as there isn't a skytrain station in the immediate area. However multiple buses take you directly to the Skytrain stations of Braid St, Coquitlam, and Lougheed. Below you to the right you have beautiful Colony Farm which you can walk, bike, and explore! Alternatively, to the left, you have Lost Lake, Mundy Park, Hickey Park, Riverview Forest, as well as Mundy Creek Park. I urge all buyers if you're interested in being close to the major highways and want a great view, check out Coquitlam East!


Chineside is a great residential community that borders Port Moody near St. Johns St and is above Central Coquitlam and Mundy Park. It's a very family oriented area with larger homes and amazing views of the Northern Mountains and Burrard Inlet. In the middle of the area, you have Harbour Chines and Brookside Park and at the southern point you have access to Mundy Park; Coquitlam's largest park. Transit in the area is amazing as buses from Como Lake Ave can take you to Coquitlam Station, Lougheed Station, as well as SFU. Although, the closest Skytrain would be Inlet Station about a 2 minute drive away via Thermal Dr. The schools here are fantastic which all contributes to this area truly being family friendly. The thing I love about Chineside is that you're so close to anything that Coquitlam offers. You have peace of mind in a friendly community, and you can travel to North Coquitlam, Burnaby, Port Moody, and Central Coquitlam easily.

Harbour Place

Moving to the left of Chineside, you have Harbour Place! Residents here have the same benefits of Chineside as Harbour Place also borders Central Coquitlam and Port Moody. Great transit, outdoor amenities, and drive scores make this area a desirable place to be. Prices vary depending on the size of the home and lot, as well as year built as we have a mix of newer and older homes. Within your area, you have access to Chineside Park and Harbour Chines. With a quick 5 minute drive, you're able to head into Port Moody to Rock Point Park and head down to Munday Park in Central Coquitlam. Since Como Lake is the main road here in the southern border, you have access to tons of transit and great drive scores as previously stated. Most residents take advantage of St. John's St in Port Moody to enjoy outdoor amenities as well as entertainment such as Brewer's Row and Rocky Point boat dock.

Harbour Chines

Following the pattern, we move once again to the left to Harbour Chines. Once again this area borders Port Moody and Central Coquitlam. However the big difference is it is directly to the right of Coquitlam West. Due to Como Lake once again being the main road to the south, you have the same drive score and accessibility as the previous 2 areas. Just below you is Como Lake Park and above is Harbour View Ravine and Chineside Park. Similar to the previous 2 areas, Harbour Chinese also features home on large lots that have great views of the Northern Mountains and Burrard Inlet. When moving down Gatensbury Road, homes tend to have a more sloping lot whereas elsewhere they are generally flat. Transit is easily accessible from anywhere in this great area and as mentioned; the drive score is incredible. I would definitely look at this community if you wanted to be closer to either Port Moody or Coquitlam West/Burnaby.

Central Coquitam

As the name states, this region is the central region of Coquitlam. Since it is the central hub of the city, it has a mix of commercial and residential spaces. The transit in the area is amazing as you're close to Braid Station, Lougheed Station, and Coquitlam Station. Central Coquitlam is home to half of the largest park in Coquitlam; Mundy Park. You also have access to Como Lake Park, Blue Mountain Park, Laurentian Park, as well as access to Austin Heights, commonly known as 'the bump'. There are tons of shops, retail spaces, large businesses, and restaurants in Central Coquitlam which you can explore. Since the drive score is so high, you can easily drive into any of the neighbouring areas of Coquitlam and access the highways out of town. If you're looking for options in your search, look no further than Central Coquitlam.

Cape Horn

Welcome to Cape Horn, the most southern point of Coquitlam! This area offers residents the best drive score out of city as it has Lougheed Hwy, United Blvd, and HWY 1 in its borders. You can also easily head into Coquitlam East, Central, and Maillardville whenever you'd like using one of 3 main roads in the area! The transit is good in this area as it has many main roads such as Mundy St, Brunette Ave, United Blvd, Lougheed Hwy, as well as Mary Hill Bypass. Cape Horn offers a mix of flat and sloping lot living with detached homes typically larger in size. Most homes are a tad older in age however lots of sellers and residents tastefully renovate them. The main attraction in Cape Horn is the privacy and the drive score. If you're looking to head out of Coquitlam everyday, Cape Horn may be an area to seriously consider!


Maillardville is one of the oldest communities in the area. Because of this, it has a strong cultural background. As you may have guessed, the name is French! The area is a mix of condos, townhomes, and single family houses which make it a great spot for transit lovers. Transit in the area is great as there are a ton of main roads that lead to nearby Skytrain stations. Since you are part of the most western point of Coquitlam; coming into areas such as Vancouver, Burnaby, and New West is very easy. 5 minutes and you're at Braid St Station, or down into the Lougheed area. The main Cineplex (Silvercity) is located here alongside many other businesses and restaurants. If you're the type that likes to go to Ikea to checkout furniture for no reason, then you're in luck, it's 5 minutes away! You can also easily head up into Austin Heights for all your other retail and shopping needs. If you're looking for a place with history, and a phenomenal drive score- look no further.

Coquitlam West

The most furthest west region of Coquitlam. Coquitlam West offers buyers tons of options; condos, townhomes, and detached properties both older and new. This area has seen drastic development in past 10 years and will be seeing even more quite soon. Because of this lots of young buyers and families are coming to Coquitlam West for it's commuting ease and great amenities to add onto the great investment. Tons of great transit is here as Lougheed Skytrain Station is in the center, Burquitlam Station is in the north, and Braid St Station in the south. Lots of great shops and Far East cuisine can be found here alongside Lougheed Mall. Access into Burnaby and New West has never been easier. You have access to multiple parks however the main attraction is the Vancouver Golf Club! Alternatively, you're never 10 minutes away from retail and entertainment centers as well with a quick drive into New West, Central Coquitlam, or Maillardville!

That pretty much sums up each area of Coquitlam. Now remember, these are very general and vague explanations to each community as they all have unique traits about them which should be experienced first hand! If you would like more information on a specific area you can call or text me anytime! Coquitlam is a great place to live and offers so much to its residents and commuters. This beautiful city checks off every box you can think of whether you're a first time buyer, retiring, starting a family, upsizing, or even renting. It caters to each group of people in the same way and that's not something you can say about elsewhere.

Thank you for checking out this article and I sincerely hope you received some value and insight on Coquitlam and what it has to offer! I not only help a lot of clients buy and sell homes here, I live here myself! So if you're looking into buying or selling your Coquitlam home reach out to me at any time and I'd love to grab a coffee and discuss your plans. I look forward to speaking with you soon, have a wonderful rest of your day!

By Ali Kaya

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