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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

By Ali Kaya

When listing your home, it's important to do everything in your power as a seller to give your agent and yourself the best chance at success. While we as Realtors will do 90% of the work, we do need help from you as well! These are 10 tips you can use to your advantage when listing your home for sale, both before and during the sales process!

TIP #1: Choose your agent wisely!

Choosing the right agent can make or break both your experience with them as well as the results you get. Because of this, it's vitally important to choose an agent that believes in hard work, aggressive marketing, honesty, communication, and has the experience to give you and your home the results it deserves. Refer to my article 'QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR AGENT AS A SELLER' for more information on what to ask your listing agent!

TIP #2: Price your home properly!

Pricing your home right is vital in a successful sale. In a strong sellers market, the market will overprice your home to current standards for you, giving you a lot more profit. But in each market, there is a margin in which you should not go over in terms of asking price. Let's say every stat shows your home is worth $2,000,000 from recent comps. Is asking for $2,600,000 or even as low as $2,300,000 a good idea? Most times it's not. Think of yourself as a buyer, surely you wouldn't want to do that unless it's in a multiple offer situation during a seller's market, so why would any other buyer? The key is to price the property just right, at a price where you will net the most amount of money and the buyer is still okay with the price! Listen to the market, and make sure you hire an agent that has experience with a home like yours and knows how to price properly!

TIP #3: Don't be emotional in the sales process!

Selling your home is an emotional experience, especially if you've been there for a long time. I've sold homes in the West End of Vancouver where the home has been in the family for 4 generations. The owners have their whole family's memories and experiences in one home. It's understandable why it may be an emotional experience, however it is important to not let those emotions get the best of you. Pricing your home and going through the sales process should be an objective ordeal. While you may have an emotional string attached to the home, the new buyer's currently do not! Real estate is an asset, and should be treated as such.

TIP #4: Depersonalize!

This is a small and subconscious action that can make a big difference in the mind of a buyer! During open houses or showings, hide away or store half or more of your family's personal items such as portraits, photos, or any other memory that's hung or displayed somewhere in the interior of the home. Don't worry about things that are hard to move, just focus on the small stuff! Some people have the question "why should I do this?" Well it's because it can play a role into the buyer being able to visualize themselves in the home rather than see reminders of you in the home. We want buyers to envision themselves creating their own memories and seeing themselves in the space, so whatever we can do to successfully accomplish that should be done!

TIP #5: Make home cleanliness a priority!

Ensuring that your home is clean and organized is vital in a buyer's first impression of your home. Is your home clean? Organized? Is the landscaping done? The last thing we want is the buyers coming to see your home and it's not in its best show condition. Of course it's realistic that the home is lived in and thus won't be perfect, but making it the best it can be should be a priority. When having a clean and organized home to show, buyers will immediately compare it in a better light to other homes, especially when inventory is higher. Buyers generally struggle with how the home will look later, they need to see how it looks NOW!

TIP #6: Most times quick fixes are better than big upgrades!

Excluding major repairs or updates that NEED to be done, quick fixes will most often net you more money than bigger jobs. What's a quick fix? Repainting or refinishing your kitchen cabinets rather than replacing with new ones. Replacing counter tops rather than a major renovation. A simple paint job that you can do yourself. Changing out the lights or light bulbs to something a tad more modern and neutral. These things can most times only cost you around $20-2000 bucks rather than the dozens of thousands of dollars a big renovation can produce. However in the mind of a buyer they see something more up to date and neutral; which can have the exact same affect that the bigger jobs give.

TIP #7: Take out 50% of your closet and storage spaces!

Whenever possible, take out half of your storage and closet space. This is a great way to show buyers there's more space in those closets even if there isn't. Illusion is a big tactic when showing a home. How you paint your rooms can make it look longer, wider, shorter, or higher, even if it's the same size space. So it's no surprise that organizing and taking out half your closet or storage can make it look bigger! Imagine you're a buyer, you open up a closet and it's packed with stuff, there's barely any room to move or take items out in. Not the best look, right? Now imagine half of it is gone and organized properly, and wow, such a bigger space! Even though the physical size of the space has not changed, it LOOKS bigger, making your home look better overall in the buyer's minds. Everyone loves more storage space!

TIP #8: Always be ready to show!

My general rule is a minimum of 24 hours and preferably 48 hours of notice for a showing to ensure you (my clients) have more than enough time to get your schedule in order. However, when the time is here to have a showing or an open house, we must have the house at it's best condition! Whether it's the first showing or multiple for a buyer, they need to see the home in the best way. After all, when it shows better, that nets you more money in the sale!

TIP #9: Expect to negotiate!

Negotiation isn't just apart of real estate, it's apart of every day life. As I mentioned before, real estate is an asset, so it has a market. In a free market, negotiation is a right for everyone. When an offer comes in, we can reject it, counter it, or accept it. Generally in a softer seller's, balanced, and buyer's market there will most often be negotiations. Always keep an open mind with the sale and remember to be objective. The way I like to set expectations is to think in the way a buyer thinks, which as a home owner, you once were! Once we sell your home, will you be looking to pay full price for a home afterwards, or would you like a little wiggle room? So be receptive and let's get you the most money we possibly can!

TIP #10: Hire Me!

As mentioned, when selling your home the Realtor you choose has a direct correlation between your satisfaction in the process as well as if you sell or not. With years of experience selling and buying homes in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas, I know I can give my clients the best representation I possibly can. With open communication, constantly updating you, marketing in the most up to date and effective methods possible, I go above and beyond to make certain your home sells for top dollar and you are happy the whole time. As mentioned previously, I have never had a listing not sell, and I don't intend to lose that streak. I would love for the opportunity to sit down with you and show you how we can help. Contact me anytime to set up a time to speak!

So, that's all for today! I sincerely hope you got some good insight and value from this article and please look around for more articles that may interest you! Thank you for reading this far and visiting my website, I hope to have the pleasure of speaking with you soon and helping you with whatever goals you have in real estate around the Lower Mainland. Have a wonderful day and talk to you soon!

- Ali Kaya

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